To My Sisters

Dear Sisters,

Do you, or someone you know, have a story to tell? Do you want an opportunity to tell it? I’m looking for 582 Native women to lend their stories and images for an art project about our struggles, our resistance, and our pride as Native women.

The media usually presents only one side of our stories, if that. They tell the public only about our struggles and the poor conditions of our lives. While these stories are true and shouldn’t be ignored, I want to acknowledge our full stories, all sides. I want to tell our stories of poverty and loss, but also of our resistance to these things and how we get through them. I want to tell our stories of abuse and struggle, but also of our successes, our talents, and our pride. I want the public to know the harsh realities of our lives but I also want to celebrate 518 years of our resistance in the face of colonization.

Sisters, I am respectfully asking and inviting your participation in this project. Please email if you are interested in participating.

With Respect,

Cherry Smiley

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